d5 is a small independent gaming company producing our first TTRPG, working title “Cogs”.

Cogs is a retro-futuristic fantasy setting loosely inspired by 19th-century mysticism and pseudoscience.

We’re leveraging the D&D 5.1 SRD provided by Wizards of the Coast under CC-BY-4.0 rather than the OGL Wizards of the Coast attempted to revise in late 2021.

Cogs is going to take a while to finish! For now, we’re going to provide some sample playtest material through DriveThruRPG and our publicly available playtest rules published here.

We’re also producing our own indexed 5.1 SRD content, which we are happy to share. With OneD&D on the horizon, we want to ensure that d5 is doing our part to preserve the 5.1 SRD long after Wizard of the Coast has taken it down.

Stay tuned for more updates!