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Homidians are the ancient ancestors of many sapient creatures, standing between four and five feet tall. They possess most of their body hair on their heads or jaws with wide rounded ears perpendicular to their heads. Homidian hair and skin colors are quite diverse, sometimes mimicking patterns associated with other beasts. They wide mouths with an underbite to accomodate a small pair of tusks. Their noses are generally broad and flat.

Homidians are intelligent enough possess a fully formed psyche, but their bestial souls prevent them from casting spells. They are generally weaker and less hardy than most sapients and are often employed as cheap labor. In some societies, homidians are considered high-functioning working animals.

Various activist groups advocate for better homidian treatment, but often disagree on the type of rights homidians should have. Some groups push for better working conditions and pay, and for homidians to be inducted into labor unions. Other groups seek more humane conditions for “domesticated” homidians.

Homidians possess a natural talent for learning a single language, but have difficulty picking up a second. Few can read or write, but those who are taught as children experience no greater difficulty learning than other humanoids. Due to a narrow oral cavity, homidians have difficulty producing certain vowel sounds, resulting in the “ah” sound being pronounced more like an “ehg”. Most humanoids are unfamiliar with this limitation and assume it is related to their capacity to learn.

Homidian NPCs

To adapt an NPC stat block to reflect that the character is a homidian, make the adjustments below.

Creature Size and Type. Medium
Medium Beast (homidian)
Attribute Adjustments. -1 to all attributes (minimum -2, maximum +3)
Languages. Homidians are rarely taught to read or write and most only know one language.
Spellcasting. Homidians cannot cast spells.

Playing a Homidian

While Homidians are designed to showcase themes relating to how society treats the vulnerable, they can be intelligent enough to be allow players to experience these themes first-hand if both player and GM are willing to do so.
Attribute Score Adjustment. -1 to all but one attribute. You cannot have a score lower than -2 or higher than +3 without magical intervention.
Speed. 25
Age. Homidians mature by the age of 15 and can live into their early 50s.
Languages. You can read, speak, and write one planar language. This is the only language you know.
Archetype Limitations. Homidians can only be scoundrels, soldiers, and lycanthropes. Spellcasting is only available to you through lycanthrope subclasses that specifically grant spellcasting abilities while transformed.
GM Note: Playable homidians are inherently limited next to playable sapients, especially at higher levels when their ability cap comes into play. To maintain parity, exploring the world through the lens of homidians might be best done if the entire party does so simultaneously. If the homidian player is playing alongside sapients, you may want to consider granting the Ensouled feat below as a bonus feat.

Feat: Ensouled


Homidian, level 1
You or an ancestor of yours was tainted by a celestial, fae, or fiend. As a result, you have an anima, animus, or umbrum. You gain a +1 to Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom, the cap for which is raised to +4. In addition, you can take a class that draws power from the specific soul you have or magic that only relies on a component of the psyche. You can only take this feat once and only at character creation.
In addition, you have the Celestial, Fae, or Fiendish Ancestry trait common to other lineages.